Meritech installs IoT system for a small electric agricultural vehicle developed at Kyoto University

Today, Meritech’s monoZ is pleased to announce the successful installation of a cellular IoT monitoring system for a small agricultural vehicle developed by Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Agriculture under the research project titled, “(SA1-115G2) Development of small electric agricultural vehicle capable of continuous farming by automatic operation and charging “(JPJ011397).

Centra-IoT Dashboard

“Partnering with a trusted system integrator like Meritech, who provides end-to-end IoT services, has simplified our processes and enabled us to focus on our core work. By implementing IoT, we have been able to enhance the quality of our datasets and significantly contribute to the quality of our research.”, says Prof. Michihisa Iida, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University.

Check the complete press release here,

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