monoZ Software Development Kit

monoZ: SDK allows to configure hardware, peripherals and desired application, communication protocols all in one click thereby allowing you to focus only on the core application saving your coding duration from months to weeks

Customizable through monoZ: SDK Libraries

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Library for 3 modem variants namely Murata-1WG, Quectel-BG96, Simcom-7080G over any application and transportation protocols


Library for USART, LPUART, I2C, SPI, CAN peripherals thereby leaving the user to
capture sensor data using simple APIs


Libraries to handle the complexities behind several Application layer protocols (LWM2M, MQTT, HTTP) and transportation layer protocols (TCP/IP or NIDD)

Preconfigured HW and OS​

STM drivers, CMSIS V2 vendor drivers and all Hardware drivers are pre configured by monoZ: SDK. monoZ: Hardware runs on FreeRTOS, and monoZ: SDK internally handles both Kernel and internal libs.

Tested and ready for deployment

The underlying libraries of monoZ SDK are undergoing product testing, upon which SDK can save you several months of production code testing time thereby directly reducing tour time to market

monoZ SDK: API for Library access

Make use of simple device APIs to communicate and access with monoZ: SDK libraries from the user application. Our Device level APIs makes it possible for the user application structure to remain constant irrespective of any changes to modem or protocols thereby making it simple for the user to try their code on multiple hardware

monoZ: SDK Click Configurator

Our monoZ click configurator desktop application acts as a portal to configure I/O, protocol, modem requirements as well as load examples in few clicks. Upon generation, all the necessary C files and header files are readily loaded in IDE environment

Connect your devices with Mesimo

monoZ, in partnership with leading network providers allows you to choose among several connectivity options based on your business needs. Contact Us to know more.

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