RR Diagnostic Monitoring


Railroad tracks of railway companies are widely deployed throughout the country, and maintenance of equipment in remote areas is a major issue. monoZ developed a device that allows the user to remotely collect and analyze the diagnostic log information of the railway crossing control device without having to go to a remote location thereby contributing to improved service and reduced maintenance costs.


  1. Due to remote location of installation sites, it was difficult to go to remote sites and collect diagnostics data from the Railway Crossing Control Device (RCCD) therefore an IoT solution was required.
  2. For stable operation, the RCCD has to be automatically monitored, and if there is a problem, it is automatically restarted and recovered.
  3. Due to harsh usage environment of railways in remote areas, the proposed IoT hardware should withstand high temperature, humidity, vibration, and lightning resistance.
  4. The proposed IoT hardware is expected to be used for long-term, ideally over 10 years without human contact except for HW replacement in case of failure.


  1. Custom HW & SW: A custom HW was designed, developed and tested to meet several JIS standards and without altering the current setup of the installation site. Custom SW for duplex M2M communication was developed for the unique use case.
  2. Secure Connectivity: A secured communication channel was achieved with the IoT platform provided by mobile operator, and diagnostic data was sent to cloud via LwM2M over IP.
  3. FOTA: A dedicated architecture with custom UI was built to remote firmware upgrade, fix bugs, etc., through Firmware Over the Air (FOTA).

Project Details

monoZ Solution

monoZ: Hardware – RR device





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