NIDD dongle that can securely connect industrial machineries to the cloud for predictive maintenance applications.
monoZ:Connect is an industrial grade LPWA dongle for remote diagnostics monitoring of Windows/Linux machines and equipment in hospitals and factories that require high level of data security. Malicious attacks and information leaks happen via the Internet, which eventually put a restriction on usage of Internet connections including even the VPNs, for critical devices. By using monoZ:Connect, equipment vendors will be able to monitor and maintain equipment and networks without an Internet connection (through NIDD) enabling them to provide value added complementary services for their products.

Non-IP Data Delivery

Since its definition by 3GPP, Non-IP Data Delivery (NIDD) has been gaining attention, especially in Japan market. NIDD allows users to send data between IoT device and platform without using an IP address resulting in reduced data costs and increased data security against malicious attacks. monoZ:Connect uses NIDD technology to transmit data in the Japan market to protect data security. The global variant, however, uses non-internet based closed network to compensate the non-availability of NIDD around the globe.

Industrial Grade Device

monoZ:Connect is built with a ruggedized aluminum enclosure and internal components to handle extreme temperature, moisture, vibrations and electric noise and provides secure connectivity and communications over a cellular network. monoZ:Connect is extensively tested for wide range of EMC & EMI tests making it ideal for industrial use cases.

Key Advantages

Why monoZ:Connect?

monoZ:Connect allows users to keep track of the condition of their machines and evaluate their performance in order to detect any potential issues before they actually arise.
Remote access feature increases visibility to the host machinery device and helps in reducing costs. Reboot control, error logs, run time logs, etc., monoZ:Connect allows users to communicate with their machinery and securely obtain real time information of the host machines.
monoZ:Connect enables equipment vendors to monitor and maintain equipment as well as networks without an Internet connection. This enables them to create new revenue streams by providing value added services for their products.

monoZ:Connect Service

The monoZ Connect Service (MZCS) is an application that operates on both Windows and Linux, and facilitates communication between a host application and monoZ:Connect. monoZ:Connect Service enable the host application to execute intricate tasks like configuring monoZ:Connect device, transmitting data to the cloud, and receiving data from servers, all through straightforward APIs. Furthermore, the monoZ:Connect Service takes care of handling variety of cloud requests, making things easier for the host application.

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