With monoZ, we strive to help System Integrators and the Enterprises to connect their assets (things) to the internet with minimum cost and time. We are one of the world’s first few E2C IoT enablers who provide all the necessary components to help enterprises to bring their things to life.

Clients and Partners

Simple & Affordable Cellular IoT


We Reduce Your Time To Market


monoZ E2C ecosystem components

monoZ: Hardware

Stackable & configurable, Hardware Development Kit (HDK)

monoZ: SDK

Simple, easily configurable Software Development Kit (SDK)

monoZ: Connectivity

Safe, secure and affordable Cellular Connectivity

monoZ: Cloud

Device management, Visualization, BI & Analytics

Our Global Presence

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monoZ enables our users to enhance business performance through simple IoT solutions. Get in touch with us for a custom demo of our ecosystem.

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