IoT Platform for 1NCE users that securely enable bidirectional data flow between your IoT device data and your cloud application in a closed network, translate protocol, perform FoTA, and facilitate SIM & device management
monoZ:Link provides a scalable, secure & cost effective data pipeline and SIM/device management interface to 1NCE users. It supports basic protocols such as TCP, MQTT, HTTP thereby fostering IoT in user`s existing device environment. With features for device bootstrapping & FoTA, monoZ:Link is constructed to handle the key deployments challenges in IoT. monoZ:Link supports migration towards low-cost 1NCE services, thereby reduce the overall service costs.

Key Advantages

Why monoZ:Link?

monoZ:Link enables devices to transmit data using basic protocols like MQTT, HTTP, TCP, and subsequently convert and push the message to user cloud over MQTTS and HTTPS protocols. This contributes to reduced power, bandwidth consumption and memory use at the device end while maintaining secure communication.
Device management console allows users to view device/SIM information (communication status, latest data acquisition time, data usage, expiration date, FoTA implementation status, etc.). It is also possible to obtain information using the API.
FoTA service enables remote updating of device applications. FoTA enables on-the-fly bug fixes, performance enhancements, and increased device functionality after device deployment.

monoZ:Link facilitates the user to set and change device credentials and destination user servers on the fly via console or API. With our webhooks, user have the ability to integrate with nearly all third-party systems by supporting the integration of any REST API.

How it works?

3 steps to IoT Device Connectivity


Attach monoZ:Jet to your own or off-the-shelf preferred hardware


Our 3 simple serial commands allows you to connect and send data to cloud


Our monoZ:Link ensure secure bidirectional data flow between your device and cloud app

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monoZ:Jet is a solderable System-on-Module that enables secure LPWA connectivity for your system. monoZ:Jet comes in a 32 x 45 mm form factor making it easy to be integrated into your product design. By using monoZ:Jet, users can avail immediately connect to monoZ:Link through 1NCE.

Visualise your data in insightful dashboards

Choose between OSS or Enterprise, and manage, visualise and analyse data from millions of devices through our Centra-IoT cloud platform.

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