IoT Solution For An MNC


Companies that provide services and products in Japan and overseas are looking for IoT connectivity and services that can be used globally. In the past, it was necessary to contract with operators in each country and use different services for each operator, which was a major issue for companies operating globally to introduce IoT. monoZ, in partnership with communication service of 1NCE, which provides flat rate IoT connectivity globally, aim to support the realization of one stop IoT service all over the world.
In one such use case, monoZ built a secure data transmission, cloud storage, monitoring, alert system thereby creating a predictive maintenance architecture for a global air conditioning manufacturer for building automation.


  1.  How to use low-cost global connectivity which works without any hiccups.
  2. Centralized collection of sensor information over public cloud with utmost security.
  3. Device management, User management, Real time monitoring of sensor data to facilitate building automation.
  4. The system should be able to perform complex analytics on historical data at periodic intervals.


  1. Global connectivity – 1NCE: In partnership with global connectivity provider 1NCE, monoZ was able to deliver an IoT system that can be used in more than 100 countries.
  2. monoZ: Cloud – Centra-IoT: Centra-IoT cloud architecture was built to securely receive the data sent via 1NCE sim using AWS IoT Core and saved in database. Centra-IoT viewer was customized to user needs for device management, classification, real-time monitoring of incoming data and automated alerts before mission critical.
  3. monoZ: Analytics – BI designer: With BI tool integration, the vast amount of data stored in Centra-IoT can be used for more detailed analysis. User can view the data from thousands of assets and take intelligent decision to increase efficiency of overall system.

Project Details

monoZ Solution

monoZ: Connectivity – Mesimo x 1NCE

monoZ: Cloud – Centra-IoT cloud


Predictive Maintenance, Building Automation


Global SIM, monoZ: Cloud, AWS IoT, MQTTs

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