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From the perspective of BCP for disasters and earthquakes, and the growing need for medical data examination cooperation among clinics and hospitals, there is an increasing need to store various medical data in the cloud and improve its utilization. However, medical data is sensitive information, and there is a risk of data leakage and falsification on ordinary Internet lines. In addition, there are guidelines from the authorities for storing medical data on an external server, and building systems takes a lot of effort to acquire sufficient knowledge.

Through monoZ – Connectivity, Mesimo x docomo, monoZ provided a secure mobile closed network communication that is not connected to the Internet, and built an architecture that operates in an environment that complies with the guidelines of the authorities. In addition, taking advantage of the mobile closed network, we built an environment where medical data on the cloud can be accessed safely and securely even from out-of-hospital visits.


  1. Send medical data to the cloud without using the Internet.
  2. Build an environment to store medical data that complies with the complex 4 different guidelines from 3 ministries in Japan.
  3. Building and integration of data monitoring operation in the architecture.


  1. Mesimo: A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) was proposed through Mesimo x docomo. By using lines of mobile operators, a safe and secure mobile closed network communication service was created that does not connect to the Internet thereby able to maintain the privacy of the sensitive information.
  2. Centra-IoT: Through monoZ – Cloud, Centra-IoT, an IoT platform was built to process and store the data. In addition to general functions such as tenant management and device management, monitoring functions were added in alignment with authority guidelines.
  3. Server Monitoring: A 24 x 7 x 365 server monitoring service was integrated to monitor the server and platform thereby minimizing any downtime in case of disruptions.

Project Details

monoZ Solution

monoZ: Connectivity – Mesimo x docomo

monoZ: Cloud – Centra-IoT cloud


Medical / Healthcare


LTE, Secure Network over IP-VPN

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