Field Test Device


Cellular IoT services such as Cat-M and NB-IoT have different coverage than regular cellular services. To ensure stable and reliable cellular IoT network services, it is important to perform radio wave measurement at the installation sites.
monoZ built a Field Test device which is used by network service operators to check communication quality using the required technology at the installation location, thereby making it possible to provide stable IoT services.


  1. It was important to obtain signal strength and quality information on a regular basis via both Cat-M and NB-IoT networks.
  2. IoT PF connection and data delivery tests had to be via several IoT protocols such as MQTT, LwM2M, etc., by the installation staff who don’t have knowledge about these protocols.


  1. Custom HW and SW for Connectivity tests: Custom hardware and firmware was built to carry out connection tests using IoT protocols at continuous intervals to check the connectivity at installation sites.
  2. Wi-Fi based Web UI: Wi-Fi based web UI was developed to enhance useability such that the tests can be quickly implemented and the measurement results can be checked from the browser of a smartphone, tablet, or PC using the Wi-Fi connection to the device.
  3. Simple Judgement function: Simple operations and user-friendly result display such as 〇 △ × along the threshold makes it possible for even the installation staff who is not familiar with mobile technologies to easily check and judge the radio wave quality at the installation site.

Project Details

monoZ Solution

monoZ: Hardware – Cellular IoT Field Tester Device


Integration & Test Tool


LTE Cat M, NB-IoT, Wi-Fi

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