monoZ SDK revamped to support LwM2M protocol for global users

monoZ SDK which was launched in 2021 has been revamped with a new architecture to support LwM2M based application development for users around the globe. The initial architecture supported LwM2M over IP/NIDD for Japan market and only MQTT protocol globally due to limited capabilities of LwM2M client on global modems.
The new architecture enables new dimensions such as
  1. Support of over 20 LwM2M objects including several 3rd party smart objects for data communication and ability to add more based on requirement.
  2. Support for global LwM2M based PoCs with integration of market leading LwM2M Client, Anjay.
  3. Portability support to any modem with PPP communication access thereby giving wide range of low cost/widely available modem choice to users beyond PoC.

monoZ SDK existing architecture

monoZ SDK new architecture

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