Environmental Monitoring


Environment sensors are used in various situations and are most used as IoT devices over the years. Due to the recent pandemic, monitoring of indoor Co2 concentration has become more important. There is also an increasing need for environmental monitoring in the logistics industry such as during transportation of food, chemicals, etc.
The environment sensor provided by monoZ is based on monoZero, can support various use cases, and contributes to PoC implementation in a short period of time and at low cost using monoZ SDK. Centra-IoT can be integrated to visualize sensor data from devices in the cloud.


  1. Hardware and Software cost has to be minimal.
  2. Generic firmware development for multiple use cases within 2-3 weeks.
  3. E2E (End 2 End) system integration to prove the concept to the end-customer.


  1. monoZero Sensor board: A custom board was built with several environmental sensors to monitor CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, illuminance, and UV level. This sensor board acted as add-on board to monoZero.
  2. monoZ SDK: A custom firmware was developed using monoZ SDK thereby reducing the development time.
  3. Centra-IoT: Centra-IoT was integrated for device management and custom dashboards were created to visualize sensor information from devices in real-time.

Project Details

monoZ Solution

monoZ: Hardware – monoZero

monoZ: SDK

monoZ: Cloud – Centra-IoT


Environmental Monitoring


monoZ: Cloud, NB-IoT (LWM2M over NIDD)

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