One stop solution for your IOT deployment​

Eliminate several individual IoT service vendors and decrease your time to market with the monoZ ecosystem that curtails all the complexity of IoT for you.  

monoZ E2C ecosystem components





monoZ: Hardware

Stackable & configurable

Choose and configure from our wide range of stackable plug and play hardware options and bring your things to life in few minutes.

Full loaded

Our hardware boards are fully loaded with field ready and industry grade parts and modules considering several use cases giving diverse applications at affordable cost.


With our specialized industry support you can quickly customize and scale the hardware with tailored fit specifications.

monoZ: SDK


Leave the burden of configuring and communicating with modem, communication protocols, firmware libraries, configuration of RTOS and  cloud platform connectivity to our SDK and focus on your business logic to make intelligent decisions with your data.

monoZ Click

monoZ click is desktop application and integral part of monoZ: SDK which assists configure your I/O, protocol, modem requirements and other basic functions to get all the necessary header files loaded and ready in IDE environment.


With our premade sample programs and extensive SDK documentation consisting of API list and user guide, you can send your data to the cloud with just a few lines of code.

monoZ: Cloud

Data Management

Our cloud platform provides a centralized solution to manage devices, and it’s a fully managed, scalable and fault-tolerant asset management and data collection system. You can visualize and control device data within minutes.

Realtime Monitoring

With our 24 x 7 x 365 support & monitoring services automation, we can monitor your data servers  and raise alarms on incoming telemetry events, attribute updates, device inactivity, and user actions. It maximizes device uptime by creating preventive actions for critical devices.

Data Integration/Data as Service (DAS)

Download/integrate your data from our servers to applications that run your business with our simple REST APIs.

Reducing your time to market

Powerful Hardware

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One Click Software

Cloud Platform

Real-time Monitoring

Data Analysis & Alerts

Data Integration

Get Started with monoZ

Get started with your IoT project with our prototype ready hardware and software development kits. Connect to know more.

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