Centra-IoT is a centralised cloud platform for device management and data visualisation where users can connect, control, monitor and manage deployed devices in real-time.

User customisable cloud service

Centra-IoT PE

Hosted on public cloud or user prepared on-premise server, get a custom version of Centra-IoT platform for device management, data visualisation, anomaly alerts

Centra-IoT Cloud

Get an integrated one stop cloud service bundled with database management, device/tenant management, visualisation, 24/365 monitoring, custom alerts & BI

Limitless Scalability

Integrated with market leaders like AWS, Azure, GCP, Centra-IoT is a robust cloud platform that can securely manage billion of data packets from millions of deployed devices without any effect on the overall system performance. Users can access and manage this data through in the monoZ web application at any given moment.

Real Time Dashboards

Manage deployed IoT devices and convert their transmission data into real time dashboards. Our wide range of pre-existing widgets can be used to configure simple dashboards based on user requirements  to visualize data in a meaningful way.

Control from anywhere

Remote access feature increases visibility to your device thereby reducing costs.  Control your devices and systems from anywhere in the world by sending commands with a click of a button from our device management interface and cloud APIs. Remote access also enables users to fix product bugs, add new features, resolve security issues wirelessly with OTA software updates.

Tailored Alerts

Take preventive action by creating real-time alerts and notifications when the incoming device data shows anomalies thereby saving the devices or the environment before they become critical.


Alerts can be customised to best suit your business and get notified through custom alert methods such as email or phone messages. Configuration effort can be minimised by replicating alert configuration to any number of devices.

Collaborate with your Apps

With our REST APIs, integrate your raw incoming data or decoded device data to your business tools from anywhere in the world. You may also retrieve historical data from individual devices or groups of devices using csv export.

AIML over the cloud with monoZ Analytics

Get insights, create new strategies, improve business performance through detailed analysis and reports on device data through monoZ Analytics BI services. Integrate live or historical data from single or multiple devices, combine them with any arithmetic and create extensive dashboard using the BI designer tool. The inbuilt  ML engine also help forecast any upcoming anomalies based on historical trends.

Choose your custom cloud platform PE Cloud
On Premises
Dedicated Cloud
Real time dashboards
Custom Analytics
Custom anomaly alerts
Tenant Management
Database Management
monoZ BI System Integration
24 x 365 monitoring


Data Management

Monitoring & Alerts


Analytics & BI

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