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Information sharing with caregivers, nurses and doctors has always been an important factor for better health care. Not just information sharing but entering health/nursing care-givers’ information at nursing facility and performing AI analysis will greatly contribute to improving QoL. But this being sensitive information, there is a risk of data leakage and falsification on ordinary Internet lines.
Through Mesimo x docomo, monoZ provides secure mobile closed network communication that is not connected to the Internet, thereby creating an environment where health and long-term care data can be transmitted safely and securely on the cloud.


  1. The biggest challenge was to send health/long-term care data to the cloud without using the Internet.
  2. Send medical data to the cloud without using the Internet.
  3. Build an environment to store medical data that complies with the complex 4 different guidelines from 3 ministries in Japan.


  1. Mesimo: A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) was proposed through Mesimo x docomo. By using lines of mobile operators, a safe and secure mobile closed network communication service was created that do not connect to the Internet thereby able to maintain the privacy of the sensitive information.

Project Details

monoZ Solution

monoZ: Connectivity – Mesimo x docomo


Medical / Healthcare


LTE, Secure Network over IP-VPN

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